Crohn’ disease and homeopathy

February 29th, 2012

When my son Varun was having severe wheezing and breathing issues in 2002 (months baby at that time), the doctors in the United States were going through the usual process of nebulizer/steroid.  Based on the fact that I have been involved with Homeopathy since childhood, I knew that my son’s treatment should be done Homeopathically. We searched on the internet for a doctor who would treat remotely and we found Dr. Anil Nanduri. Fortunately for us he was visiting in New Jersey that very day.  We believe nothing is an accident in life and having found Dr Anil Nanduri online and in NJ physically  was sheer God sent.  We took our son Varun to him and that was the starting point of  a full fledged recovery of Bronchial issues.  Two times a year ( May and Dec ) he used to get the attack.  We used to call  Dr. Nanduri ( sometimes late in the night in India) and always got an answer and advise from him as to what remedies to administer.  Sometimes Varun used to have high fever with wheezing, but the assurance that we should not be concerned with the fever but work on the wheezing issue worked wonders. It has been as if Dr.Anil Nanduri were here physically to treat us. My son has totally recovered since then.

I went through one of the major illness in my life. I was diagnosed  with Crohns’ that affected the duodenum/intestine and the Gastroenterologist in the United States assured me that there is no cure and that I would need to take drugs throughout my life. That very day I threw all the 3months drugs given to me and decided to get myself cured through Homeopathy.  One phone call to Dr Nanduri and a few follow up sessions started my treatment.  the Homeopathic remedies used to come from India to NJ in time.  Thing worked with magical precision and I regained my lost 35 pounds in 6 months and totally cured. It has been 9 years now and thankfully no signs of Crohns re-appearing.

My wife, Jamuna, also has been treated and is currently undergoing treatment remotely for Eczema.  Remedies come in time and follow up calls/emails are always 100% in time. It is amazing how Dr.Nanduri takes calls from us even when he is on vacation or attending weddings or personal social events.  We do not take this for granted and thank God each and every day for having come in contact with you.

Thanks to Dr. Anil Nanduri for his great insight into the health issues we face. We repose our faith and trust in his treatment Homeopathically. I always mention him to a number  people, my families and friends so that they could be helped likewise.

Suresh H,
New Jersey, USA

Homeopathy and Anxiety/Panic Attacks

January 29th, 2012

My husband and I fought a bitter divorce and custody battle for the children in 2009. I began to have bouts of anxiety, fear, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and an absolute disinterest in life, my children and profession. I am a lawyer and my state of mind began to effect my day to day routine.

In the interests of my children and profession, I took a long break from work. I wanted to concentrate on myself, get my health back and return to some semblance of normalcy.

I consulted a psychologist who began to work with me in dealing with my issues and made me to work on a few emotional exercises. All my distressing symptoms began to slowly get better.

After almost 6 months of therapy, I was confident of returning back to work. The only thing that was troubling me were the unexpected Panic Attacks that did not go away even after therapy.

I experienced sheer anxiety, fear, palpitations, sweats, dryness of the mouth, inability too perform simple every day chores, sleeplessness, and physical restlessness.

There was no pattern and predictability to these symptoms. These episodic symtoms took a toll on my work, family and social interactions.

I sought help from my family physician and he prescribed antidepressants and sleep medications. These did not help at all. I began to feel drowsy and below par.

I was talking about this with my partner at my law firm who knew about my personal situation. She suggested I try homeopathy and mentioned that it had helped a family member cope with a nervous breakdown.

I was hesitant in the begining as I did not know about the system and also did not want to try any untested new age medicine. My bouts of anxiety and panic attacks began to increase in frequency and began to last longer and longer.

In desperation, I began to search for a Homeopathic consultant online. I chanced on Dr. Nanduri’s website and having noted his education in the United States and the glowing testimonials, decided to call him in India.

Dr. Nanduri, in our first telephone conversation, appeared to be very empathic and asked me to complete the consultation form on his website. A few more telephone conversations happened after I sent in the consultation form.

Finally, Dr. Nanduri, after satisfying himself that he got all the information he needed, drew a plan of treatment. He began to mail medicines to me to the US and followed up with me every 2 weeks on Skype video.

This was a new experience to me as this was the first time that I was on a therapy with a doctor who was half way around the world without having to physically meet him!

Dr. Nanduri put me on 3 month course of medicines and asked me to maintain an event log to note what triggered my panic attacks.

I noticed from the very first month after starting his medicines that I began to sleep more soundly and was more refreshed then before. My ability to focus and concentrate became sharper, my general health (and family an social interactions) improved.

My anxiety and panic attacks began to very slowly decrease in frequency and intensity from the 2nd month on. It’s now the 3rd and last month of the course of treatment and there is definitely and improvement in my mental state.

Dr. Nanduri is suggesting that I continue his treatment for another 3 months and I am absolutely fine with it. I cannot believe that I am now so much better in 3 months!

Homeopathic Cure for Plantar Fasciitis

January 28th, 2012

I am a software engineering working in a demanding and stressful travelling job here in Hyderabad, India. I developed Plantar Fasciitis, a condition that effects the soles of the feet and movement is very painful especially in the mornings, in the last 8 months.

I tried allopathic medicines and the painkillers that were prescribed ended up giving me an upset stomach and gassy feeling. I approached Dr.Anil Nanduri after searching the internet looking for alternative healing methods for my problem.

Dr. Nanduri put me on a plan of treatment for 2 months and followed-up with me every 2 weeks. I did not respond to the medicines for the first 4 weeks, I began to lose hope and wanted to stop the treatment. I was persuaded to try for another 4 weeks by Dr. Nanduri (for which I am extremely grateful), who changed my prescription.

In the next 2-3 weeks, my pain and discomfort were greatly relieved and I was able to sit and travel for a long periods. I am still on Dr. Nanduri’s treatment and I can see improvement in my condition every week.

I am amazed that Homeopathy with it’s simple medicines helped me, thanks to Dr. Nanduri’s treatment.

Ramnath B, Hyderabad, India

Homeopathic Cure for Stomach Erosions

January 26th, 2012

My name is Kumar and I am employed at a power plant in Karnataka, India. I began passing blood without pain in the year 2011. I ignored it. the episodes of bleeding increased and I had myself examined by by a local doctor who conducted a series of tests on me.

I was told that I had erosions in my stomach and was advised diet and prescribed medicines. The medicines caused bloating and extreme discomfort and my bowel movement became very irregular.
I consulted specialists who basically put me back on the same medicines as my first doctor.

I was casually surfing the net searching for alternative medical treatments and found Dr. Nanduri’s website. I went through the testimonials and found many interesting.

I completed the online consulting form and sent it to Dr. Nanduri. He immediately responded with the plan of treatment, the duration of the course of treatment and a diet plan.

Much against my wife’s wishes, I started Dr. Nanduri’s treatment.

I must admit, as does my wife, that I responded to the treatment in 2 weeks and the bleeding stopped completely. I gained weight, my appetite improved and my bowel’s became regular.

It is now 6 month’s since I started Dr. Nanduri’s treatment and I am completely normal. He has asked me to stop the medicines and be in touch with him regularly.

The surprising fact is that I have not met Dr. Anil Nanduri in person to this day, all our communication was through emails.

Yet, he has managed to completely cure me of a serious problem. I am grateful to Dr. Nanduri and his treatment for completely restoring me to health.

Kumar A, Karnataka, India