Hair Loss

Hair Loss- Homeopathic Treatment

There are lot of advertisements and information in the media about “Hair treatments”, “Hair Weaving” and “Scalp Treatments”. Increasing number of younger people complain about the loss of hair and premature baldness.

Our clinics gets a lot of frantic calls from software professionals, housewives, people in the media, students who have tried everything.

There are lot of reasons for premature loss of hair. Women who are undergoing a change in life (either puberty or menopause), people who are recovering from or have had acute illnesses like viral fevers, malaria, typhoid etc. have excessive loss of hair, people who are under constant stress, who are eating diets deficient in trace elements like Selenium, Iron, Sodium, Iodine etc. also complain of excessive hair loss, people who have hormone imbalances are prone to excessive hair loss, addictions to stimulants like coffee, teas, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, and sedentary lifestyles also cause hair loss. Sleep disturbances and extremely stressful work environments also lead to hair loss. Cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy also cause hair loss.

A loss of 50-150 hairs per day is considered normal but anything beyond that needs to be looked into and a proper Homeopathic treatment plan drawn for that particular person.

We have had lots of successes with premature loss of hair with our individual Homeopathic treatment plans.

First, the case detailing the lifestyle, history of acute illnesses, habits/addictions, diet that is regularly followed, sleep patterns/habits, menstrual history if the patient is female is taken. Changes in diet, supplements to be used, physical activity/exercise regime, meditation techniques, detoxificaton processes are explained to the individual patients and a follow-up plan is drawn.

*As always, we would recommend that you consult us before beginning a course of treatment for hair loss. The remedies mentioned here are some of the Homeopathic remedies used for hair loss.

Iodum-Indicated when there is an increased thirst and increased BMR. There is excessive sweating, increased thirst for cold water,dryness of the mouth, desire for open air or cold air, palpitation, a tendency to have frequent bowel movements which is loose and watery. A craving for sweets and a tendency to feel hungry soon after eating a full meal are some indications for Iodum.

Selenium-Hair fall sudden, beginning after acute viral fevers. Scalp so sensitive and feels “pulled over the skull”, hair falls even when it is touched. Mental and physical exhaustion marked. Frequent headaches whenever the mind is exerted.

Ferrum Met-Best suited for young, anemic women who are weak and are easily exhausted from least exertions. Sensitive to changes in weather, prone to have headaches. There are frequent gastric disturbances which cause bloating, heaviness, flatulence and diarrhea’s.

Baryta Carb– Hair falls out easily in young people who have a predisposition to have small soft nodules on the skin. There is weakness of memory. There is a tendency to gag on food if it is eaten fast. Swelling of the tonsils and a tendency to take cold easily.There is habitual constipation.

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