Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder where there is a high protein content in urine (proteinuria), higher cholesterol level in the person’s blood (hyperlipidemia), low albumin level in blood (hypoalbuminia) and generalised swelling (edema). This syndrome results from the damage to blood vessels and filtration system in the kidneys known as glomeruli. Glomeruli filters excess water and waste materials present in blood and discharge it into the bladder through urine. It retains those proteins which are required by the body. But if glomeruli are damaged, it results in leakage of proteins like albumin from blood into urine. This leakage is almost twenty times more then normal conditions in a day. Albumin draws extra body fluid into blood which is then passed on to kidneys. But albumin leakage causes blood to lose its fluid absorbing capacity thus causing generalised edema. Further complications may result in blood clots formed due to excessive discharge of proteins, loss of immunoglobulin which fights infections or diseases.


Signs and symptoms indicative of kidney disorders are as follows-

Weight gain because of fluid retention
Loss of appetite
Foamy urine
Weakness and fatigue
Swelling around the eyes
Swollen abdomen
Decreased urination


This syndrome is caused by the diseases which affects mainly kidneys like membranous nephropathy. These diseases are known to be the primary cause of nephrotic syndrome. Secondary causes include those diseases which affect multiple body parts like diabetes, viral infections and lupus. This is one of the major causes of this disease among the adults. It could even be the result of some genetic or immune disorders or due to usage of harmful drugs.


Homeopathic remedies work at reducing the duration and severity of the syndrome by treating the underlying causes of the disease. Certain remedies which are indicated are –

Apis mellifica– This remedy helps when there is dull pain in kidney region along with scanty urine containing large amount of albumin and blood corpuscles. It treats symptoms like swelling on face or extremities, headache, feeling pale.

Belladonna– Belladonna is of greatest use when the person having nephrotic syndrome suffers from inflammation in kidneys along with periodical piercing pain in lumbar region and high albumin content in urine.

Mercurius corrosives– It corresponds to problems like scanty red and albuminous urine along with pain in the kidneys, burning pain in lumbar region, and when the patient is continuously drowsy and is uneasy..

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