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"We believe in the human body's innate ability to overcome disease by itself. Our role is to understand the causes and set the natural pattern right in the least harmful and the most natural way"

Dr. Anil Nanduri

Dr Nanduri Homeopathic Medical Practitioners

Homeopathy is an old and venerable branch of medicine that originated in Europe about 200 years ago and its practice and popularity has been growing steadily ever since.  The philosophy of Homeopathy offers a natural and holistic approach to illness and its treatment.  Homeopathic medicines are noted for their effective yet gentle effect.

Homeopathy has recently been gaining increased attention in Western countries, though it had been widely practiced in Northern Europe, England, and The United States of America.  India has been a major homeopathic center, with several internationally respected schools and pharmacies, and the Indian government promotes several Homeopathic treatments as the first line of preventative defense and treatment against diseases like viral encephalitis.

Dr. Siva Nanduri and his son Dr. Anil Nanduri are both practicing Homeopaths with a large practice in Hyderabad, India.Their reputation as skilled practitioners have drawn more and more patients from outside the city of Hyderabad, and even from outside the country.  Though all doctors prefer a personal interaction with a patient, the Doctors' Nanduri have been able to adapt many aspects of their diagnosis and treatment to the Internet.

This website evolved out of a need to improve and standardize the communication over the Internet, and also to inform the growing number of people who are interested in the many benefits Homeopathy has to offer.

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