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Homeopathic Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is caused due to the inflammation of the mucus membrane of the bronchial tubes, the part of the respiratory system that carries airflow from trachea into the lungs. Bronchitis can be either acute or chronic.

A person is said to suffering from acute bronchitis when it appears during epidemics of influenza or exposure to cold. It is caused by a virus and is first visible in the upper airways. The symptoms of acute bronchitis are heaviness of the head, a sick feeling and unhealthy, mucus drainage from sinuses and a burning painful throat. The onset of bronchitis is heralded by a dry cough, which may result in the production of small amount of white and eventually yellow sputum. The individual may experience high temperature, shortness of breath that may be worsened by exertion, wheezing and fatigue.

Chronic bronchitis, on the other hand, does not stage a sudden appearance. It is the result of irritation of bronchial tubes caused by allergies that persists for a long time. The individual may suffer from severe cough that produces mucus, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, throat pain, nose congestion and wheezing.

Homeopathic Medicines for Bronchitis

Homeopathic treatment is best indicated for all stages of bronchitis. In fact, homeopathy has a proven track record of curing severe cold, reducing the severity, frequency and duration of the disease in case of recurrent bronchitis and improving immunity. A few of the homeopathic medicines that are indicated for bronchitis are

Belladonna: The strong indications of using this remedy are bronchitis with symptoms of short, dry and continual cough causing redness of face, high fever, difficulty in breathing while lying down, no expectoration and fullness in chest. The causative factors are exposure to dry cold weather.


Bryonia: This is an excellent remedy and indicated when there is severe cough resulting in a severe pain in the different parts of the body and head. The patient has an irritation in the larger bronchi resulting in a dry cough starting from the stomach causing great pressure in the sternum, and breathlessness. The other indicative symptoms for the use of this remedy are excessive dryness of the throat and physical body, dryness of the eyes and dryness of the lining of the intestine causing constipation. Distinctive features of the remedy are every slight movement either caused by cough causes severe increase in discomfort and pain and many of the symptoms are relieved by drinking water in large quantities.

Aconite: Aconite proves to be a good remedy when the onset of cough, congestion and wheeze is very sudden. It comes into use before the inflammation is localized. The best indications for the use of this medicine are acute catarrhal bronchitis causing coryza following a bad cold, chillness, sneezing, restlessness while sleeping and hard pulse. However, its use is limited and should not be used when the onset of symptoms is slow and gradual.

Phosphorus: The indications for the use this homeopathic remedy are paroxysmal cough with pain under the sternum, suffocative pressure in the upper part of the chest with constriction of the larynx, mucous rales, hoarseness, and inflammation of mucous membranes, a tendency to pneumonia . This remedy is best suitable to sub-acute cases or Tubercular subjects. The patient experiences soreness and rawness of the chest with severe cough after the administration of phosphorus. When the cough loosens to become rattling and choking, Hepar Sulphur proves to be the best follower to Phosphorous.


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