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Neurological Disorder

Human body has a very intricate nervous system, which is composed of a network of nerves. The nervous system, which consists of the motor nervous system, the sensory nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, performs several important functions in the human body. So any problem connected to the nervous system demands a thorough examination to ascertain the diseases and prescribe the medicine to the patient.

Any dysfunction to the nervous system can lead to serious neurological complaints like paralysis, apoplexy, epilepsy, hysteria etc.. A demyelinating disease or disorder is caused due to the damage to the protective covering called myelin sheath surrounding the nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. The nerve impulses stop or slow down when myelin sheath is damaged and the patient suffers from a host of neurological problems.

There are many types of demyelinating diseases. Some of the common ones are multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica, optic neuritis, transverse myelitis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Of these multiple sclerosis is the most common nervous disorder. It happens due to the inflammation and injury to myelin sheath. This results in inflammation of the nerve fibers causing multiple areas of sclerosis or scarring.

Homeopathic remedies for Neurological Diseases

Homeopathy has excellent remedies for neurological disorders. This is because homeopathic treatment is centered on a person and his or her pathological condition. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are prescribed after taking into account the patient’s constitutional type like the physical, emotional, and psychological makeup and his or her medical history. An experienced homeopath determines all the factors, including miasmatic tendency of the patient before deciding any treatment. Some of the remedies for demyelinating diseases are:

Causticum: This is an effective remedy for multiple sclerosis which manifests itself in chronic paralytic affections. The symptoms are tearing, drawing pains and severe weakness. The other indications are the total paralysis of body parts like vocal cords, tongue, eyelids, face, bladder and extremities. The patient experiences impaired vision and dark spots in the centre of the vision and restless legs with weak ankles during nights.

Gelsemium: This is the best known curative homeopathic treatment for motor paralysis. It acts on nervous system and acts best when there is dizziness, trembling, drowsiness, and paralysis of throat, larynx, and extremities. It also asks for strong indications of motor nervous problems like muscle cramps, lack of muscle coordination, watery urine, chillness, tremulousness, partial bladder paralysis, heavy eyelids and blurry vision.

Oxalic acid: Oxalic acid is an effective medication for multiple cerebral and posterior spinal sclerosis. The indications are lancinating, shooting and jerking pains in different parts of the external body. The other symptoms are muscular prostration, numbness, tingling sensation, and back ache.

Phosphorus: This is the best curative for atrophy and softening of brain and spinal cord, which cause prostration, trembling, numbness and complete paralysis. The symptoms are locomotor ataxia. Moreover, paralysis of motor sensory nervous may result in paralysis from tips of fingers to toes. The patient experiences vulnerability to light, sound, touch and thunders.


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