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Eye Allergy

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Homeopathic Treatment for Eye Allergy

Eye allergy is a condition in which our eyes abnormally react to allergens which are several substances, perceived harmful by the eyes. When our eyes are exposed to allergens, cells present in them, known as mast cells produce histamine (a substance produced to fight against these allergens) resulting in reddening and swelling of eyelids,conjuctiva which is a thin membrane covering inside portion of our eyelids and Sclera which is the white portion of eyes. Eye allergies can be categorized into 2 types and these are-seasonal allergies which occur only during certain periods of year usually in autumn and in early spring due to presence of allergens in the air like spores from weeds, trees and grasses and mold etc. Another type is perennial allergies which can be caused in any season due to pet dander, dust mites and other allergic substances. If not treated on time these allergies may even result in weakening of eyesight.


Symptoms of eye allergy must not be misinterpreted as those of some infection or conjuctivitis. Its various symptoms are-

  • Reddening and swelling in eyes.
  • Watering of eyes.
  • Itching and burning sensation in eyes.
  • White or green discharges of the eyes.



Most common cause of eye allergy is allergens like dust particles and pollens present in the air which when come in direct contact with conjuctivia produce histamine thus causing allergy. Usage of eye cosmetics, wrong medication and other substances like perfumes, exposure to chlorine in swimming pools, air pollution, smoke, animal dander also contributes to causing allergies of eyes. Any sought of irritant whether man-made, environmental or infectious can result in eye allergies.


Homeopathy offers effective treatment in getting complete relief from eye allergy symptoms. Some remedies which render quick and appreciable results are as follows

EUPHRASIA– This medicine helps in treating allergy symptoms like watering of eyes and bland discharges. It even provides instant relief from burning sensation in eyes and helps in having a clear vision.

AMBROSIA-It cures allergic eye problems and stops intolerable itching and burning of eyes. It is used in treating wheezy cough that mostly accompanies other eye allergy symptoms.

RUTA-This remedy gives relief from headache caused due to straining of eyes and cures red eyes with burning pain in them. It helps in accommodation of a disturbed vision and reduces pressure created on eyes due to blurred vision and continuous pain and itching.



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