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Frigidity in women

Frigidity in women or Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) refers to a low sex drive and weakened sexual responsiveness in females. The lack of libido in women is more or less similar to erectile dysfunction in males. It is manifested with avoidance of sex for a considerable duration or non responsiveness towards sexual advances of normal and cooperative sexual partner. In normal sexual process the sex organ is engorged with blood causing vaginal lubrication, clitoris enlargement and widening of the vaginal opening. In the physiological context, FSAD refers to failure of the genitals to be adequately full with blood to produce desired lubrication or vaginal relaxation vital for intercourse.

Frigidity in women owes its roots to various psychological and physiological factors. Certain ailments like hypertension or diabetes could lead to FSAD. Often hormonal changes with age are found instrumental in creating frigidity. But more often than not FSAD is psychological. Various experiences on conscious and subconscious level create negative associations with the process of sex. Women at times harbor various uncertainties about their sexual performance coupled with a fear of rejection. There could also exist a feeling of guilt in sexual enjoyment due to poor sex education. Often sexual traumas like rape create and aversion, fear or anxiety associated with intimacy and the concept of sex. In married couples marital conflicts or hostility towards husband could also suppress the desire for sexual intimacy.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) cases needs to be handles delicately and a full history can only be obtained only after several sittings. In seemingly incurable cases, a thorough psychological counselling is advised.

Homeopathy with it’s specific remedies for frigidity caused by specific reasons or causative factors is very effective in treating FSAD cases.

Sepia– This remedy is specifically prescribed for anxious, sad and fearful dispositions. The woman has a very reluctant and indolent temperament. There is a feeling of complete indifference even to one’s family, near and dear one’s. The genitals always have a feeble, non energetic and exhausted feel. In a few instances there could also be pain in vagina and pain rising from uterus to umbilicus.

Platina – This is especially prescribed for women with too early and too profuse menstrual discharge. The genitals are exceptionally sensitive and cannot bear any touch, even that of a cloth. The vulva experiences great pain during intercourse and the pain is usually unbearable leading to unconsciousness. The pain is found to increase and decrease gradually.

Palladium– Palladium is indicated in cases where there is great emotional insecurity and a constant need of praise. The woman undergo great emotional disturbances. The patient has trembling and tremors in genitals and ovarian region of the abdomen. Sexually, there is dissatisfaction and there is a heightened and a dominant sexual desire.


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