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Plantar Fascia Homeopathic Treatment

Calcaneal spur (Calcaneal from calcaneus which is a technical name for heel bone and spur means a bony projection) is a condition in which you tend to have a nail-like calcium growth around tendons and ligaments in your foot at the point from where they are attached to the heel bone. This results in a growth of bony projection in the foot thus causing acute pain and difficulty in walking. Our foot consists of plantar fascia- a tissue that supports our entire weight and assist in taking required care of weight that has been put on our feet while walking. If this tissue is stressed to a great extent it might crack and break thus causing problem in that particular region. So, to ensure that plantar fascia does not deteriorate in any condition, our body may respond by forming the bony projection to protect the tissue and thus giving rise to calcaneal or heel spur. This condition is common among females and can be easily diagnosed with the help of X-ray. It can take years for development of this condition but as it occurs, it causes unbearable pain. This pain is not due to pressure on the spur point instead it’s because of inflammation around tendons attached to heel bone. The pain abates you start walking continuosly..


You can be certain of having this disease if you suffer from the following symptoms while performing your daily chores-

  • Acute pain near heel while making any sort of foot movement like walking, jumping etc.
  • Tenderness around the ball of foot
  • Excessive pain in morning or after a long rest.
  • Inflammation and swelling.

Sometimes these symptoms are also accompanied by several problems in back, knees and hips because of changed gait and posture and changed way of walking to accommodate with the pain.

Calcaneal spur is often caused due to continuous jumping and running or any activity which may cause Plantar Fascia to stretch excessively. Lifting of heavy weights regularly may also cause lot of strain on the Fascia thus pulling it away from heel bone. the body under such stress may respond by deposition of calcium in front-bottom part of heel thus causing spur. Age is also an important cause as people above 45 or so are more prone to this condtion. The condition is also associated with poor blood circulation and certain degenerative diseases.

Homeopathy offers excellent results in treating the various symptoms of calcaneal spur thus giving victims a long lasting relief from the tearing pain that a person goes through. Following homeopathic remedies may help you to overcome the unbearable pain caused by heel spur-

Aranea diadema 30– This remedy helps in getting relief from heel pain especially when the pain is worse during rains or damp weather. It even reduces the swelling in the affected region which might lessen difficulty in walking or making foot movements to a certain extent.

Lycopodium 30 If there is severe pain especially in the right heel which worsens in the morning or after a long rest and feels as if the foot was hit with a stone, this homeopathic remedy can give you comfort..

Causticum It’s one of the most effective remedy for curing pain in toes and soles of feet felt while walking and is usually accompanied by tingling, swelling and coldness of feet.


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