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Homeopathy​,​ as medical science, is in the news again as having an effective preventive for Corona infection as declared by AYUSH (Ayurveda Yoga Unani Sidda and Homeopathy) Department, Government of India.

As the number of infections increases in all the states of India and all over the world, with no vaccine in sight, there is widespread anxiety and worry about the possible increase in fatalities of the infected people.

Economies have collapsed, large scale migrations especially in India have disrupted many livelihoods and many a small-time businessmen have been hit ..in fact nothing like this has been experienced before in our lifetime and hopefully, we will never experience again.

While maintaining physical distance, wearing masks, and not gathering in large numbers have put a temporary halt to the spread of the infections, the need for a preventive to boost the immunity and act as the first line of defense is largely absent in the mainstream medical field.

The very essence of Homeopathy and the focus of its treatment has always been to work in the internal environment of the human physiology and to increase or boost the immunity to fight external pathogens (in this case the virus).

Homeopathy has been very successful all the time in all the countries where people have opted for this inexpensive yet effective Holistic system to take care of their seasonal allergies, food related issues and chronic issues like arthritis, respiratory disorders etc.

The growing numbers of people across all walks of lives…GHMC workers, Vegetable vendors, drivers, to Software professionals to parents of young children who acknowledge this gentle system of medicine as their “go to” system in times of even the most pressing medical need is a testament to its efficacy. Many Industrial houses, manufacturing units, NGO’s, educational institutes, farming cooperatives have taken upon themselves to promote Homeopathic medicines as preventives for Corona infections for their employees as part of their CSR.

In recent times when India was facing its worst epidemics of Swine flu and Dengue, many people sought the help of a Homeopathic system to first prevent and then to take care of their most debilitating symptoms.

Homeopathy has an effective preventive for this new CORONA infection and it has been proved effective over and over again.

The medical fraternity feels that COVID 19 is not going away anytime soon and might well last into the next year.

We need to take Homeopathic preventives for ourselves, our elders in the families and also our domestic help.